As he prepares to release the highly-anticipated 'Watch the Throne' album with Jay-Z next week, Kanye West continues to live the good life. Though his exceedingly extravagant live show requirements have caused an apparent rift between Kanye and his The Throne counterpart, who would prefer a more economical live setup, Kanye continues to take things over the top.

This weekend, the 'Otis' rapper will be headlining the Big Chill Festival in the U.K., where he will be living in lavish style, spending Saturday night (August 8) in the £7,000-a-night ($11,454) Eastnor Castle, in Herefordshire, England. At his luxury digs, 'Ye and his entourage will enjoy the landmark's many creature comforts, which include 12 bedrooms, a library, gothic dining room, 300-acre grounds and transportation to the event via a 16-seat Humvee limo.

Though 'Ye did not have any additional requirements regarding his living conditions, he had some unexpected requests for his notoriously ostentatious stage show. According to reports, the rapper has demanded "20 locally sourced ballet dancers" and a special raised area so that he can "crowd surf in safety."

The Daily Mirror cites a "backstage insider," who explained Kanye's moving platform request further. "It's a moving platform on a mechanical arm. It means Kanye can get right up close with the crowd," said their source.

Kanye West and Jay-Z's collaboration album 'Watch the Throne' debuts exclusively on iTunes on August 8. Check the new 'Watch the Throne' tour dates here.