" ... I'm about to take it to another level b----" Kanye West raps on his 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' hit 'Monster' -- and one of The BoomBox's Top Songs of 2010. And, considering the sneak peek of the video that just hit the Internet, West is staying true to his words.

The 'Monster' video looks like a page from the psychological thriller 'American Psycho.' The stylish and dark 40-second clip borderlines cryptic, with women stripped to their undies strewn dead around various rooms. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z all contribute verses on the track, and make cameos in the video. Ross, who raps about being a "monster, no good blood sucker" in his verse of the song, comes off as an avant-garde dungeon lord. Minaj, in a lace bodysuit, crawls on the floor like a bloodthirsty animal on the prowl. While he doesn't show any fangs, West looks pretty bloodthirsty too. Check out the sneak peek after the jump.