Kanye West must be in a good mood or something, because in the past few days he's displayed some pretty uncharacteristic behavior.

First, while he was catching a cab in the Soho section of New York City, with mentor No I.D., he was approached by a swarm of fans and paparazzi, which has made the mega star lose it in the past. But this time, he allowed folks to approach him and take his photo, and it all had to do with his love for fashion.

Before the yellow cab pulled off, Kanye saw someone rocking a sweatshirt that he liked, which he started taking pictures of. It was a white hoodless sweatshirt with a bunch of logos and designs running up and down the sleeve, and the words "DNINE RSRV" written on the back.

Obviously, the photographer was more than willing to let West snap some photos, and the two gave each other a pound before the cab door was closed. TMZ was the first to report the story, and you can see the video on their site, as it's currently private.

In his second uncharacteristic move, The 'New Slaves' rapper showed up at an open mic event in Jersey City, N.J., for the daughter of one of his close friends, who is an up-and-coming rapper.

The lucky 17-year-old's name is Jahmila Sandifer, also known as Jay Hype, and even though West stayed for just 15 minutes, he was nice enough to stop by and lend his support.

The owner of the restaurant, where the open mic took place, told NJ.com that he couldn't believe it when the Louis Vuitton Don walked through the door.

"It happened so fast and everyone was in shock," said Jon Scanlon. "It was a 15-minute thing. I walked him to the back, he used the restroom. He came and gave her a big hug and a kiss, watched her perform, and he was out.

Earl "Ego" Davis, one of the events organizers, said Jay Hype killed it in front of 'Ye, and had a stellar performance.

"When he came, she stepped up to the plate and was phenomenal," he recalled. "It's just awesome that the universe was aligned right. And for this girl to choose to perform for us? It's a testament to the power of our culture. There is something special happening here."

After her performance, the budding rapper said West, who she thinks of as an uncle, has a huge influence on her artistic approach.

"Kanye is a very, very big idol in my life and I try to incorporate the stuff he does into my work," she explained. "He gives me pointers and I take it very seriously....His opinion is always in the back of my mind."