Social media users got a big surprise Monday afternoon (March 16) when Kanye West decided to give the public an eyeful on Twitter with a few nude photos of his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Yeezy, apparently in a good mood and feeling thankful, posted a photo of Kim with the caption, "I'M SO LUCKY." By looking at the pic, we're not sure anyone would disagree.

While one photo would've been enough to get the people talking, Yeezy didn't stop there. He also congratulated his wife on reaching 30 Million followers on Twitter -- with another nude photo attached.

The rapper even took the time to give Kim K. props on the premier of the 10th season of her TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "CONGRATS BABY ON THE SHOW PREMIERE LAST NIGHT," he wrote, sharing another picture of the naked reality TV star.

We suspect that Kanye may have snapped these pictures of Kim while looking at them off of a laptop. Then he likely uploaded them from a mobile app on his phone since a few of the images seem to be part of a slideshow of some sort. Judge for yourself.

Hate him or love him, you've got to admit that the world of music is more exciting whenever Kanye West is around. The same can be said about his wife, Kim Kardashian, who moves the needle like no other socialite has in the history of socialites. So when you put the two together, trending topics are made and a media frenzy is bound to ensue. Job well done, Mr. West.

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