The precise path of Kanye West's creative visions still remain a mystery to most, but he at least clarified his five-year plan for Philadelphia's Power 99 in a new interview.

"Steve Jobs up on these n----s. I see the gap in the market, and I'ma make life more easy, more fair, and I'ma do it for about five years and then I'ma turn up on education," the Chi-town rapper reveals. OK still not entirely clear, but what is certain is that West has already started working on his follow-up to his 'Yeezus' album.

West also told Power 99 he's hoping to put out another LP by next summer. Plus, he was actually eager to get back to work on his seventh solo release. "I might go in the studio as soon as we leave here," West says.

The G.O.O.D. Music leader touched on some of his other rumored projects, including an upcoming remix with Miley Cyrus, 'Watch the Throne 2' and 'Cruel Winter.'

News first broke of West teaming up with Cyrus when the NY Post reported that she skipped the MTV Video Music Awards after-party to work on a 'Black Skinhead' remix with West. 'Ye didn't confirm if their collaboration was indeed for that song though.

'Cruel Winter' was rumored to be in the making only a few weeks after 'Cruel Summer' dropped in 2012. West says he'd like to put that out, but there's one problem: "We keep on missing the winter." 'Cruel Summer' dropped seven days before fall started.

And as for 'Watch the Throne 2?' "We're [himself and Jay Z] are constantly working," West says. "We haven't made any songs for it yet." So that's looking like a long way off, especially if it follows the schedule of its oft-delayed predecessor. But for now, West says he's focused on being "the Pac of clothing" and trying to put out a new product line by next September.

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