Kanye West doesn't really care what you think about him. As one of the most sought after artist in the game, plush a plethora of accolades to back him up -- including 21 Grammys and an honorary doctorate to name a few -- Yeezy pretty much has a free pass to say and do as he pleases. Or does he?

While he's praised when he makes another hit record, drops a new pair of exclusive Yeezy Boosts or announces a new fashion endeavor, the rapper has also been criticized for his controversy behavior. Every now and again, 'Ye shocks the world with his "outbursts," Twitter rants or when he chooses to speak his mind at the oddest and according to some, inappropriate times.

During his Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, West made some strong statements but also rambled on, making quite a few memorable quotes. For more than five minutes, he encouraged the audience to "listen to the kids," disassociate themselves from corporate branding and -- how could we forget -- announced he was running for president in 2020.

From fashion to music to politics, there is never a dull day with Kanye West. His appearance on award shows, interviews and even charity telethons has surprised us more times than ever. One thing is for sure: he has no problem bringing rumpus straight to your TV (or computer) screen, radio or the middle of the street. Take a look at Kanye West's 11 Most Controversial Moments.

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