The last weekend of summer kicked off with a memorable bang when Kanye West debuted 'Monster' -- the first song release for his weekly music project, "G.O.O.D. Fridays." Though his previous two singles -- 'Power' and 'See Me Now' -- have received a favorable response, West outdid himself with this newest effort, featuring a handful of all-star collaborators spanning a hearty six minutes. If the Yeezy-certified stamp of approval isn't enough to lure in a listen, here's five reasons to press play.

5. A G.O.O.D. Promise is Fulfilled

One week ago, West informed the masses via Twitter that he would embark on a mission: to release a new song each week until Christmas hit. He dubbed the movement "G.O.O.D. Fridays" and sent the Internets into a frenzy when last week (Aug. 27), he made good on his promise with the debut of 'Monster.' The track will appear on Ye's forthcoming joint EP with Jay-Z, titled 'Watch the Throne.' If this is any indication of what the rapper/producer is creating for the 5-track album, prepare the crown now.

4. Bon Iver's Justin Vernon is Introduced to Rap Fans

No, that's not West on the song's commencement; it's Bon Iver -- a.k.a. indie singer Justin Vernon -- crooning a series of eerie vocals. Most hip-hop circles had no clue who Vernon was before Kanye dropped the drum-kicking track for hungry fans. Vernon, according to reports, will also appear on 'Lost in the World' -- a track slated for Yeezy's forthcoming fifth album.

3. Rick Ross and Jay-Z Support the Team

Use 'Monster' as a blueprint in understanding how a group of emcees should properly showcase their talents on one track. After a befitting growl sounds off, Ricky Ross informs listeners he's not only a "blood sucker," he's a "fat motherf-----" as well, giving fans meaty lyrics to mouth along with. Then there's Hov, who, as we already know, can "kill the block" with the bevy of cars he rolls in. Yet, he's not all about boasting; there's one surprising admission that makes us wish he'd spit another 16 just to spill the beans: "None of you niggas have seen the carnage that I've seen/ I still hear fiends scream in my dreams."

2. Kanye Makes Use of a Sarcophagus

Fans of the suit-wearing rapper learned early on he's not shy when talking about love, fame and sex, namely the latter. During his auditory performance, Ye likens himself to a pharaoh, asking a female suitor if she has ever fornicated with one. Before allowing a response, Mr. West demands she place her nether regions in a sarcophagus. While some may find the lyrics crass, clever is the chosen word here.

1. Nicki Minaj Conquers All

As of late, Nicki Minaj has spit lyrical fire with most every in-demand rapper and R&B artist, so joining forces with Yeezy was only fitting, considering he's preparing for the release of his highly anticipated fifth album. To say the Young Money affiliate buries her male counterparts on the song is an understatement; her maniacal energy alone stomps on their coffins. Besides dipping into her trove of personalities, she pays respect to the beasts of designer shoes and music crews before capping off the song's final verse on a self-assured endnote: "I think big, get cash, make 'em blink fast." As the saying goes, save the best for last.

To download 'Monster' head here.

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