Kanye West fans might have to pop open a new browser if they're looking to watch his video for 'Monster.' The clip, which leaked to the Internet in December, has been banned by MTV after feminist groups started a petition claiming that the video perpetuates violence against women and glamorizes misogyny.

The controversial visuals, which depict deceased women next to rappers Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, is yet to surface as an official version, though it's got feminist bloggers heated. Activists Sharon Haywood and Melinda Tankard Reist spearheaded a petition demanding that Universal Music Group and MTV pull the clip, nabbing over 1,600 signautres via Change.org.

Watch Kanye's 'Monster' Trailer

"The mainstreaming of videos like this increases desensitized and callous attitudes toward violence against women," said Reist. "Young people are seeing images and absorbing harmful messages which glamorise misogyny and brutalise women. Women are reduced to sex-doll like playthings. So great is the level of desensitization that the barbaric treatment of women and girls is seen as normal and to be expected. We decided to run this campaign because we wanted to challenge the status quo."

Kanye most recently faced controversy over his video 'All of the Lights' featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi. The Chi-town native was asked to re-cut the video so as not to feature as many flashing lights, which epilepsy groups claimed could trigger seizures for afflicted viewers.

You can watch the trailer to the 'Monster' video below. Something tells us that West isn't too bummed about the video getting banned. In January, a story surfaced in the New Yorker that revealed the rapper contracted artist George Condo to create cover artwork for his latest album, 'My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy,' that would excite controversy. 'Ye was rumored to be disappointed when there wasn't a bigger backlash in the media for his final pick.

UPDATE: A spokesperson from MTV contacted The BoomBox with a statement on the issue. "MTV has not banned Kanye West's 'Monster' video," they told The BoomBox. "We have been in constant communication with the label regarding this matter. However, we are still awaiting the edits we requested in order for the video to be suitable for broadcast."

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