In its relations with the Middle East, the West hasn't always fared particularly well. Maybe Kanye West will have better luck. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the hip-hop superstar recently dispatched scouts to Doha, Qatar, and the UAE cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai -- all of which are possible locations for the film he hopes to begin shooting in March.

"They did a full round of meetings, speaking with various government agencies, institutions and private investors," a source told the website. "They toured each area and met with all the major players."

Yeezy is evidently plotting a 30-minute production "in between a long form music video and a short film." The lightning-rod rapper is certainly familiar with the region, having played there several times. Late last year, he and 'Watch the Throne' partner Jay-Z took home a rumored $6 million for the private concert they gave a wealthy sheik's family.

"It's supposed to showcase the beauty of the region, a piece that's culturally sensitive and embraces the customs and traditions of the region," the source continued.

Kanye has yet to confirm the project, but as per the Hollywood Reporter's story, a "bidding war" has already erupted among possible locations. Let's just hope it doesn't spark a real war. We are talking about the Middle East, after all.

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