Kanye West is always good for a quote or two, but at this weekend's Big Chill Festival he may have outdone his own high standards.

The rapper paused his Saturday night (August 6) headlining set at the Herefordshire, England bash to deliver a seven-minute piano-backed monologue that touched on some favorite themes, as well as delivering a few memorable new one-liners, Complex reports.

West began his speech by apologizing for being half an hour late onstage and for his faltering voice, before launching into a litany of complaints and self-justifications that saw the audience, initially on his side, gradually appearing to lose patience.

The general theme of the address was West's perception he is misunderstood within the music industry and it culminated with a lament about the reaction to the recent promo video for his tune 'Monster'. The hip-hop star said the clip -- which features "dead" models hanging from chains around their necks -- had been unfairly derided as "misogynistic." he said, "I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I'm f---ing insane," he explained. "Like I'm Hitler."

In case anyone was still interested in clearing up some of West's past controversies, he also treated Big Chill festival-goers to a lengthy version of events relating to his infamous 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards stage invasion, when he interrupted Justice and Simian's acceptance of the Best Video award for 'We Are Your Friends' with a rant about how his own 'Touch the Sky' film should have won.

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