Kanye West received mixed reviews when he recently dropped a video for the track 'All of the Lights' which used strobe lighting to such an effect that it was temporarily removed from YouTube in order to attach an epilepsy warning. Simultaneously, he was criticized for ripping off the title sequence to Gaspar Noé's psychedelic melodrama 'Enter the Void.' Well, it appears that neither negative has held West back from doing it all over again on his new video collaboration with Katy Perry for the song 'E.T.'

The video opens with a similar style to 'All of the Lights.' Flashing strobe lights hypnotize the eyes while lyrics appear in different designs and bounce to the song's rhythm and glossy synthesizers. Neither West nor Perry appear in the clip, which instead focuses on optical illusions and displaying the song's colorful, poppy lyrics. By the clip's conclusion, the lights are so rapid and bright, that it's hard to even read the screen's text.

The song, produced by perennial hitmakers Dr. Luke and Ammo, was tapped to have a live action video with both West and Perry, leading some to speculate that this current video is just a stopgap until the real release. Being dubbed the "Lyrics Video," we recently reported that the clip was set to be shot by longtime music video innovator Floria Sigismondi -- another indication that this version might be a promotional item.

Watch Kanye West & Katy Perry's 'E.T.'

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