The barely legal blonde whom Kanye West has reportedly been running around with has addressed the rumors that she was in Cannes, France, locking lips with the rap superstar.

While his ex, Amber Rose, has made recent headlines with her new "upgrade" Wiz Khalifa, Kanye got a little payback with a blatant photo op, making out with a young blonde on his hotel balcony while in town for the Cannes International Film Festival on Sunday (May 15).

The blonde was rumored to be 18-year-old model Kate Upton, a former Victoria's Secret model, Guess spokesperson and current Sports Illustrated Swimsuit babe, whom Kanye was linked with back in early April, after allegedly sneaking out of a Victoria's Secret VIP party in Los Angeles together.

According to Upton's Twitter, however, she was nowhere near France while the 33-year-old Kanye was spotted "cupcaking" in Cannes.

"Such a great week in LA now back to new york... No Cannes for me," she wrote Monday (May 16). "Hey I said I wasnt in Cannes come on that girl doesn't even look like me... I'm not with kanye."

Kanye has yet to comment on the speculations surrounding his alleged new blonde ambition.

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