Kanye West blasted comedian Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter last night (Sept. 26) for his spoof of West's much-talked about interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe. Kimmel responded to West's tirade with some clever comebacks in the opening monologue of his late night talk show, acknowledging his first "rap feud."

The exchange began with West tweeting that he thought Kimmel was  "out of line" for his spoof of Kanye's interview with Zane Lowe, which West calls "the first piece of honest media in years." West went on to say that he did not deserve to be ridiculed, and that had he mocked Kimmel, the comedian would have felt similarly upset.

Kanye West chose to not only to defend his pride, but to also attack Kimmel, most notably using a couple of memes to make fun of Kimmel's appearance. Kimmel, ever the opportunist, chose to respond to West on several fronts: first offering a couple of flippant reply tweets, and then addressing the incident on his talk show.

According to Kimmel, Kanye called him prior to the tweets, expressing the umbrage he felt about the spoof. Kimmel claimed that Kanye demanded a public apology and went on to say that he was "the most powerful figure in media." "I am Pac," Kanye allegedly said numerous times. During Kimmel's explanation, he also took a stab at Kanye's girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

Some people think this might be a prank, considering Kimmel was the one behind the now infamous video of a girl lighting herself on fire in a case of twerking gone wrong. However, Kimmel insists that it is not a prank. If that's the case, where will things go from here now that Kimmel has not apologized?

Watch Kimmel's video and read the tweets below.