How much would you pay to 'Watch the Throne' at your birthday party? Hip-hop's mega-duo Jay-Z and Kanye West flew to Dubai, United Arab Emirates right before Christmas to perform at a 16-year-old's shin-ding. The price tag for the show? A cool $6 million between the two of them. Not bad for a little birthday bash, huh?

The pair dropped their collaborative hits for the entertainment of billionaire Manchester City Football Club owner Sheikh Mansour's young niece and guests, then the pair broke out into a few solo staples. Just one question: How many times did they play 'N----s in Paris?'

Speculation aside, that's a mighty lucrative gig as far as gigs like that go. Earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez got paid $1 million to perform for an oligarch heir's wedding in the Ukraine. In 2008, before Rihanna could 'Run This Town' with Jay and 'Ye, she got paid $500,000 to perform a small New Year's Eve party.

Which reminds us: We wonder if Kanye is planning on banking big bucks as DJ YEEZY WORLD PEACE this New Year's Eve. Meanwhile, Hova's mulling over the possibility of making a second 'Watch the Throne' album and preparing for his two charity concerts at Carnegie Hall in February, plus the birth of his baby with wife Beyonce.

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