Remember back when Conan O'Brien was really cool, and his 'Late Night' show wasn't so unabashedly all about himself? Well, there was a little skit called 'If They Mated,' in which the funny man's crack team of talk show scientists would combine the faces of celebrities into one chimera creature of grotesque proportions.

With all the recent hype of Jay-Z and Kanye West's upcoming joint album 'Watch the Throne,' an internet Photoshop phenom has created a little combination magic of their own. Jump over to AllHipHop here to see the one-man show. Do you think Hov and Yeezy's combined facial features are creepy? Because we sure do.

The hip-hop duo's 'Watch the Throne' LP drops Aug. 8 on iTunes and Aug. 12 to digital retailers and stores. Maybe the photo, which features Jay-Z's lips and nose paired with Kanye's forehead and cheeks, will be a part of the liner notes?

As for the Throne, the rappers' super group, they'll be heading out on tour to promote their impending releasing in Canada and the U.S. The highly anticipated event commences on Oct. 29 in Atlanta and comes to a close on Dec. 18 in Vancouver. Ticket prices range from $66 to more than $270. Those yearning for the opportunity to witness two esteemed rap leaders make history can buy tickets here.

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