The Internet is a funny -- and more than anything -- fickle place. For instance, just last week, British band Badfinger saw their 1972 single 'Baby Blue' skyrocket in iTunes sales and Spotify streams after being played during the closing scene of the 'Breaking Bad' finale.

Kanye West is, oh, just slightly more popular than Badfinger, but that isn't to say he's above the bizarre workings of the Internet. A whole eight years after 'Gone' was released, -- the song appears on his sophomore album, 'Late Registration' -- it entered at No. 18 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, and it's all thanks to a viral video.

The video Mr. West owes his unlikely new success to is 'An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set to Kanye West's Gone' by Marina Shifrin. Shifrin is a writer and comedian who quit her job in the most extravagant way: by filming herself dancing around her deserted office at 4:30AM while playing 'Ye's album closer, which also features Cam'ron and Consequence.

Since it was uploaded on Sept. 28, the video has amassed over 15 million views. If you're one of the few who has yet to relish in the middle-finger-to-your-boss hilarity, you can do so below.

Watch Marina Shifrin Quit Her Job to Kanye West's 'Gone'