One of Kanye West's most memorable lyrics from his 'Watch the Throne' LP are those that make up the lauded track, 'N----s in Paris.' "Don't let me get in my zone," the Chi-town MC raps on the Jay-Z-assisted song. Those words uttered by West have inspired a new computer game called 'Kanye Zone.'

The game finds home at, where users must prevent the rapper from getting into "his zone." The "zone" here is a lavender-colored circle. If West, who is represented solely by his head, hits the spot, the user is eliminated. However, there's opportunities to score fake cash when West bumps into a blue circle, preventing him from hitting the zone spot.

Game fanatics won't be impressed by its design -- the graphics are simple as can be -- but the thrill in keeping Kanye West from hitting the hot spot is enough to spend hours killing time playing it.

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