Los Angeles electro rappers LMFAO have revealed that they are going to be putting in some high profile work on Kanye West's next album.

Clearly, their collaboration indicates a huge shift in direction for the 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' MC-producer, who reportedly flew LMFAO front man Redfoo, 'Party Rock Anthem' singer-producer GoonRock and remixer Audiobot to Paris for three days, after having a transformative experience while partying to the group's typically shameless party rap single 'Champagne Showers.'

Redfoo, whose music is decidedly more Ke$ha than Kanye, despite the fact that he is the son of legendary Motown founder Barry Gordy, revealed that 'Ye is currently working on new music, and that their collaboration would be for his next album.

"He's doing some stuff, and he flew me out to Paris for about three days," Redfoo told Ryan Seacrest evasively. "He had an experience at a club, I was playing 'Champagne Showers' and he said that that was one of his biggest moments and best times in a club ever. I was spinning in Cannes, and he was like 'I need to understand what's going on with that.'"

While he was vague about the details of their session, claiming Kanye was typically secretive about his new music, Redfoo went on to say that their working chemistry was "amazing."

"He's always top secret and stuff, but he's making a couple things," the 'I'm in Miami Bitch' rapper explained. "It was amazing."

LMFAO's sophomore album 'Sorry for Party Rocking' was released on June 21.