Kanye West's stage shows are never dull, as the Chicago native is constantly jumping around and engaging his supporters with his bodacious rap style. 'Ye, who just released his joint LP, 'Watch the Throne' with Jay-Z this week, recently grabbed a bit more attention during his performance when he tumbled to the floor.

The 34-year-old entertainer traveled to Bergen, Norway to treat fans to cuts off his fourth album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.' Dressed in his signature white T-shirt, gold chains and jeans, Yeezy moved through his hit 'All of the Lights,' sans Rihanna and Kid Cudi. With glowing intricate portraits decorating his set, the much talked about rap star worked the stage during the course of the song and unexpectedly collapsed.

"I'm on my way, heading up the stairs/ To my surprise a n---- replacing me/ I had to take 'em..." West rhymed before falling on stage when he hopped in the air, failing to complete the last part of his verse: "to that ghetto university."

But the trip didn't stop him from continuing the show. West laid on his back for a few seconds then got right back up and finished out the song with the same energy he started with.

Check out Kanye West's fall at the 1:18 mark.

Watch Kanye West Fall While Performing 'All of the Lights'

Watch Kanye West's 'All of the Lights'

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