Kanye West continued his promo tour in support of his upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and short film 'Runaway' with a surprise appearance on 'Ellen' earlier this week. The comedian/talk show host was in the middle of her 'Tell Me About It' segment when following a mysterious knocking, Kanye appeared through the steps of the audience.

After explaining his recent travels (which included a stint in Rome, Japan and Hawaii), fashion internship and the "Taylor Swift incident," Ellen was taken aback by the rapper/producer's teeth. Kanye explained to a baffled DeGeneres that he had his bottom teeth removed and replaced with diamonds. "I just thought the diamonds were cooler," Kanye joked. The never shy artist went on to tell DeGeneres that "there's just certain stuff that rock stars are supposed to do."

Kanye's diamond teeth have caused such a stir that the Los Angeles Times reached out to a California dentist to weigh in on the star's oral hygiene. "Chewing is going to be a bit of a challenge," Julien Tudose of Dental Care of La Verne told the Times' The Insider. "No peanut butter brittle, no opening a can of beer with your teeth. It's going to affect his jaw also because ... the weight of the diamond is greater than a normal tooth structure. If he doesn't have anything on the top [row], it will wear the top part of the teeth faster. In five to seven to 10 years, he'll have damage on his upper teeth." It's safe to say Kanye won't be opening any aluminum cans with his pricey choppers.

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