Kanye West hasn't revealed many details about his next album, but one thing we do know is that he's doing some research while he works on the project.

According to Vulture, the rapper debuted 20 new songs at a London Club over the weekend, following his second set at the Wireless Festival. Before he played the tracks, West made sure there were no cameras or cellphones on the premises. West was likely trying to gauge interest of the audience while listening to his new music.

However, one of the attendees, a man named Brandon Sales, managed to snap a photo of the Chi-town MC looking intensely at the laptop he was using to play the tracks. "Yae and Virgil private set last night," Sales wrote as a caption on Instagram. "New Yeezy joints sounding crazy."

Other people in the club described the songs as "hellish," "ground-shaking" and "dark," which is similar to how one could describe West's fifth album, 'My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy.'

In June, Rick Rubin, who worked on Yeezy's last album, 'Yeezus,' said he'll be collaborating with him once again for his follow-up. "Kanye West is coming in, and we've started looking at vocal ideas for things for the next album," he told Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1.