Kanye West may be a perfectionist when it comes to his music, style and appearance, but when it comes to dancing, the rapper just wants to express himself even if he looks weird while doing it and his two-step is offbeat.

The “All Day” rhymer performed his latest single at a Foundation Louis Vuitton event in Paris on Sunday (March 8) and shocked the world with his robotic dance solo mid-performance. Honestly, one of the greatest things about Ye is you never know what you are going to get and the internet certainly wasn’t expecting this gift.

Within hours of the performance, Twitter was going H.A.M. at the hilarious site of Yeezy popping, locking and doing some major neck rolls. Granted, fans love Kanye and are just as excited to receive his new music as he is to deliver it, and clearly after watching the video, one can only speculate as to why he titled his album So Help Me God.

The video is particularly funny because Yeezy isn't the best dancer. He sticks to the rhymes and jumping around onstage. We wonder if he will add more dance solos to his tour sets or if he was just caught up in the moment. Check out some of the comedic Twitter reactions to Kanye’s dance skills below.

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