Kanye West is reportedly working with 'American Psycho' writer Bret Easton Ellis on an new film. In an interview with Vice, Ellis says the project is still in development and it’s up to West to make it happen.

When asked about the collaborative venture, Ellis said, "You know what, I can’t. It’s in Kanye Land, and that’s subject to a whole other time frame."

"He came and asked me to write the film. I didn’t want to at first," he continued. "Then I listened to 'Yeezus.' It was early summer last year and I was driving in my car. He’d given me an advance copy, and I thought, regardless of whether I’m right for this project, I want to work with whoever made this. So fuck it, I said yes. And that’s how it happened. That was seven or eight months ago. We’ll see what happens."

The 49-year-old writer also spoke highly of the mercurial artist.

"I really like him as a person," Ellis said of West. "I know he comes off in this performance-art way in the press, but if you’re just alone with him in a room talking for three hours, it’s kind of mind-blowing."

West has collaborated with Ellis on a few previous ventures. The G.O.O.D. Music leader recreated a scene from 'American Pyscho' for his 'Yeezus' trailer. He also created music for the Ellis-penned 2013 flick 'The Canyons' and for the author's' own podcast.

Meanwhile, the MC is working on a much bigger project at the moment -- planning his upcoming nuptials and reception with his fiancée Kim Kardashian.