It seems that Kanye West has turned a new leaf with it comes to the press. Three years ago, ‘Ye would have started swinging at the paparazzi. Now he’s breaking up fights between them.

TMZ posted a video of the pandemonium that erupted at LAX when Kanye was trying to leave the airport on Friday (Feb. 19). The G.O.O.D. Music leader was caught in a swarm of photographers as he was trying to autograph photos and sneakers. It got so chaotic that two cameramen started throwing fists at each other.

That’s when Kanye stepped in and and broke the two guys up and gave one of them a hug. Talk about being a peacemaker. Unfortunately, it didn’t calm the throngs of photographers who still wanted ‘Ye to stop and take a picture with them. It was truly mayhem.

However, Kanye did answer an interesting question from a shutterbug. When asked if he would like a third child with his wife, Kim Kardashian, he replied, “perhaps” with a smile on his face.

Props to Kanye West for being a peacemaker with the paparazzi.

However, Yeezy is ready to "H.A.M" on bootleggers who are hosting his latest album, The Life of Pablo, illegally on the internet. According to reports, the album has gone Gold in illegal downloads solely from popular torrent site the Pirate Bay. It has garnered 500,000 downloads in less than a week.

Kanye reportedly is not happy about this and is ready to slam Pirate Bay with a lawsuit.

Shockingly, reps at Pirate Bay are not worried if Kanye sicks his attorneys after them. “Kanye West is a blithering twat who has an incredible sense of self importance,” Pirate Bay staff member Spud17 told TorrentFreak. “Our legal team will be waiting.”

Uh, okay. Tell them how you really feel then.

Lawyers for Kanye West have no comment on the matter.

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