We have patiently waiting for Kanye West to release The Life of Pablo but still no album yet. Well, according to Yeezy, we can blame Chance the Rapper for the delay.

Early Saturday morning (Feb. 13), Kanye jumped on Twitter to inform us that it was Chance’s fault that the album isn’t in our hands yet. “It’s Chance's fault the album not out yet… he really wanted Waves on that Bitch...we in the lab now...,” he tweeted.

Chance went on his Twitter page to explain why he wanted to be on TLOP. "I fought everyone to keep Waves on the album. I spent all night finishing it. The world is better because of it," he tweeted.

As of now, the album is roughly three days behind the previously announced Feb. 11 release date. Not that we are rushing him. We would rather have Kanye take his time and release a phenomenal project than a hurried album.

Nevertheless, we are quite sure fans are waiting with bated breath for The Life of Pablo especially after he dropped his fantastic song, “30 Hours.”

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old rapper-producer went on a heated Twitter rant against a notorious gossip website that criticized his Yeezy Season 3 show at New York’s Madison Square Garden last Thursday (Feb. 11).

While we know that Kanye is very sensitive when it comes to his clothing line, sneakers or music, the website that he chose to spew his vitriol at is not the most reputable gossip website on the internet. The G.O.O.D. Music could have just ignore them and focus on his album. However, Kanye is sensitive about his s--- so we don’t blame him.

If you want to read his angry tweets, check them out below.

Meanwhile, we are just waiting on The Life of Pablo.

Kanye West's Twitter Rant: