It looks like 'College Dropout' rapper Kanye West is making plans to go to school for fashion. According to The Sun, Kanye has applied for a Masters degree in fashion at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, one of the world's foremost fashion institutions.

Though he has yet to be accepted to the prestigious school, Kanye reportedly flew in this week to meet with professor Louise Wilson, a renowned "style dictator," who has tought many of the world's top designers, including Kanye's fashion idol Alexander McQueen.

"Kanye spends a lot of time with fashion students and often hooks up with Central's arty pupils when he is in London," claims a source for The Sun. "The rapper already has work experience with Fendi and Louis Vuitton on his CV. Now that he has been interviewed, the school's board will have to decide whether to allow him to start the MA fashion course later this year."

While Kanye's love for fashion is well-documented, he made a move to take his interest one step further when he interned at luxury brand Fendi in Rome, following the Taylor Swift debacle.

There is, however, no certainty that Central Saint Martins College will accept Kanye. In fact, The Sun's source claims that he may have already been turned down. "They are saying he has been turned down for a place because his portfolio wasn't up to standard," their source reports.

Previous Central Saint Martins students include M.I.A., Sade, members of The Clash and the Sex Pistols.

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