Cindy Ord, Getty Images

New York magazine has an interesting article in their Feb. 18th issue about the Bronfman family -- "202 Minutes With the Busy, Glitzy Bronfmans."

More specifically, it's about Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s ex-wife Sherry Bronfman and her children Ben, Vanessa and Hannah.

Ben, as many people know, is the ex-husband of M.I.A. and father of their child, as well as a musician (watch his band Teacher's new video HERE). Vanessa is off in Hollywood dabbling in a variety of things ("I want to be the cute, black, Jewish Jon Favreau," she tells the mag).

And Hannah, who once dated Asher Roth, has been everywhere in the New York 'cool people' scene over the past few years. Whether it's her eye for fashion, DJing or number of the other creative industries she's got her hands in .. Hannah's definitely on the cusp of being that next 'it' girl.

But there's also an interesting tidbit she reveals in the article -- that she and Kanye once went on a date. In fact, it seems the whole family has had some interaction with Mr. West in one way or another.

"Kanye called me a couple of years ago asking for creative advice when he was making the video for 'Runaway,'" says Ben. "I was like, 'Dude, I don't know. You should talk to my mom.'"

So the pair met.

"He had just gotten his gold teeth," Sherry recalls. "He was like, 'You wanna see my grill?' I was like, 'Did it hurt?' He was like, 'Do you want to touch it?' I was like, 'Kanye, I am not putting my hand in your mouth.'"

Then Hannah reveals her secret.

"Kanye and I went on a date once," Hannah says.. "We went to the Jane Hotel, and then afterward we went back to his place and I helped him pack."

"Did you fold everything, like how you were taught?" asks her mother.

To which Hannah reportedly shot her mom a glance.

And now, perhaps everyone else in rap might be shooting her one too. Because, well, when was this? And how dare you not tell us! We kid, we kid. Sort of.