People can be really shady sometimes. Just ask Kanye West, who's the latest victim of having his music leaked before he intended for the world to hear it. A rough version of the rapper's new song, 'All Day,' has hit the internet.

Revolt was the first to report on the leak. The new cut seems to be a mixture of Kanye's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' days for its playful lyrics, and 'Yeezus' time period for its inventive and rock-inspired beat.

The Chi-town native also uses a down South, double-time flow, spitting rhymes about balling out and getting money. "How long you n---- ball? All day n---- / How much time you done spent at the mall? All day n---- ... Take you to get this fly? All day n----," he raps.

The newly married MC and producer also says a funny line about having a middle finger longer than retired basketball player Dikembe Mutombo. It's very much classic Kanye.

It'll be interesting to see if 'Ye plays detective to figure out who swiped the song. If he does, there's a big fat clue for him, as you can hear a female coughing in the background. But either way, 'All Day' sounds like the Kanye West many people missed during 'Yeezus.'

Listen to a Rough Version of Kanye West's 'All Day'