Kanye West's new video for 'All of the Lights,' featuring Rihanna and helmed by acclaimed music video director Hype Williams, debuted on Feb. 18, with its full-scale visual assault of strobing text and neon credits. In just four days, it had received more than four million views on YouTube.

However, critics quickly called foul, pointing out that the video shamelessly borrows from the credit sequence of French filmmaker Gaspar Noe's 2009 film, 'Enter the Void,' which has only just hit theaters in the United States.

While music videos frequently reference films, some say Kanye's video goes a little too far in its similarity to the 'Enter the Void' credit sequence, and for failing to give any credit to the film. Perhaps Kanye and Hype considered their version an homage, perhaps they thought they would get away with a bit of artistic imitation, in either event, fans of Noe's film are not impressed.

Interestingly, Noe and Kanye have a collaborator in common -- they have both worked with Thomas Bangalter, one half of electro-house duo Daft Punk. Bangalter has scored two of Noe's films, including 'Enter the Void,' and while they have not directly collaborated, Daft Punk was sampled by Kanye in his 2007 hit 'Stronger.'

Check out Kanye's 'All of the Lights' clip, and the credit sequence from 'Enter the Void' after the jump, and let us know your thoughts.

Gaspar Noe's 'Enter the Void' Credit Sequence

Kanye West's 'All of the Lights' (Credits begin at 0:58)

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