Earlier today, reports hit the 'Net that Kanye West got the LeBron James treatment when he was booed in his hometown of Chicago at the United Center during last night's Bulls vs. Heat game. The rapper arrived after the start of the first quarter and was said to be greeted with boos from fellow Chicagoans. However, The BoomBox has talked to several people who were present at the game who confirmed that West was actually introduced to rapturous applause from the crowd. The only complaint was that he never took off his sunglasses.

It's unclear how the unwarranted negative publicity started. The rapper made some enemies Wednesday night when he tweeted about abortions, warning men against women who attempt to "trap" men by getting pregnant. The mix-up was perhaps the result of television announcers pointing out Kanye West's arrival at the same time LeBron James got possession of the ball, which prompted the boos.

Kanye wasn't the only celeb in the crowd. Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and political consultant David Axelrod were also in attendance. Emanuel, according to our on-hand sources, actually received a mixed response from the crowd. Bulls great Scottie Pippen took some attention off Kanye during a timeout in the 1st when he and mascot Benny the Bull presented the new Mayor with a 'Da Mayor' jersey.

Watch Kanye West's 'Power'
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