While rap artists are known for their flashy and ostentatious jewelry, Kanye West has taken his adornment to new heights. We've seen Gucci Mane rock a blinged-out Bart Simpson chain, Busta Rhymes sport an icy map of New York City, Yung Berg floss a sparkly Decepticons logo, and T-Pain swing a $400,000 diamond-studded chest piece that simply says "Big Ass Chain," but as usual, Kanye has found a way to outdo the competition when it comes to showing out.

After appearing with a $300,000 chain and charm featuring the Egyptian god Horus, and four-finger pyramid ring at the BET Awards last summer, Kanye has recently been seen around town wearing a custom-made yellow gold Tiret watch adorned with his own face.

The watch, which reportedly set 'Ye back $180,000, is encrusted with 8 karats of yellow, black, brown and white diamonds in the shape of his own face (with glasses!). According to reports, watchmaker Tiret took over 5 months to create the dial of the watch itself, which is made of a gold colored mother-of-pearl.

Following Kanye's lead, other entertainers have also begun to seek out Tiret's custom made watches. Last month, singer Usher commissioned the Damon Dash-owned New York luxury watch company to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece with his face on it for a cool $250,000.

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