During their Jodeci days, K-Ci and JoJo were far removed from the Disney set. They were the "Bad Boys of R&B" after all. Anyone who saw Tupac's uncensored 'How Do U Want It' video or heard some of their material would agree. The singers sit down with The Boombox to reminisce over their golden days and detail why they were such "bad boys."

If "turnt up" was a thing in the '90s, they'd certainly fit the meaning. The duo recall getting kicked out of multiple hotels for their behavior, surrounding themselves with beautiful women and being one of the first R&B groups to showcase their tattoos.

They also remember the infamous outfits they wore to the 1992 Billboard Music Awards -- complete with masks and machetes. Jodeci member Devante Swing went a bit overboard with a hand grenade, according to JoJo.

So yeah, K-Ci and JoJo were a bit over the top in their heyday, but to them, these were good times. "We had fun. We don't do it no more though. Those were the days," K-Ci says.

Find out who up and left a mansion in Atlanta, what would happen if they were told "no" and more.

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