Justin Timberlake is prepping for his halftime performance at the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis on Sunday (Feb. 4). The singer has been “rehearsing his ass off” and as of now, it looks like there won’t be any surprise guests.

However, TMZ has spilled the beans that a possible Prince hologram could appear onstage with JT as a salute to the hometown legend.

Prince once performed at the Super Bowl back in 2007 at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., during a relentless downpour of rain.

Folks on Twitter were not happy to read about a Prince hologram possibly appearing at this year's Super Bowl alongside Timberlake. Granted, the event is in Minneapolis -- the late Purple One's hometown -- but it would be tacky and unjustifiable, excuse the pun.

"Justin Timberlake is supposedly bringing a hologram Prince to his Super Bowl performance. Bruh, I hope that lawsuit is swift and merciless. Prince didn't even like his ass...," wrote one user.

Another irate fan tweeted, "I know good and damned well...who gave this bastard permission to do that? He has no idea how he will piss off Prince fans. The audacity! Hologram Elvis!!! That's more your speed."

Right now it's only a rumor. There are reports that Timberlake might perform a Prince song -- possibly "Let's Go Crazy" -- in honor of the music icon. That could possibly appease Prince fans instead of a hologram.

We'll just have to wait and see on Sunday. You can watch the Super Bowl LII matchup and halftime show on NBC at 6:30PM ET.

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