His classic (don't even think about disputing that) 2002 debut album, 'Justified,' was a testament to the innate chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Pharrell, while this year's chart-topping, double platinum-selling 'The 20/20 Experience' (and let's not forget 'FutureSex/LoveSounds') proved how deadly the JT and Timbaland double team can be.

Collaborations between all three, however, have been sparse; believe it or not, but Jay Z's 'Magna Carta... Holy Grail' cut, 'BBC,' was the first time the trio touched the mic on the same track. By the sounds of it, though, we can get ready to piss ourselves in a fit of excitement as a second one could be on the way.

During an interview with the U.K.'s Kiss FM, Justin revealed that he and Skateboard P recently cooked up a little something for his upcoming solo album (oh yeah, a new Pharrell album's on the way, you have our permission to scream obscenities in your neighbor's face) before hinting at a collaboration between himself, P and Timbaland.

The 'Suit & Tie' singer stressed that it's only potential right now as he doesn't know what the finished product will look like, but that's good enough for us.

There's some stuff in the pipeline. Actually, there's a potential one -- I don't wanna jump the gun here, because I don't know what it's going turn into, but there's a potential Pharrell, Timbaland, me record. But we'll have to see, I mean, it's up to those guys. I think the future is bright for me and Pharrell to get back in the room.