Justin Bieber has no hate towards Kanye West. After reports surfaced claiming that he would never work with the rapper again, the 17-year-old set out to dispel the gossip. "Some rumors...i just dont know where they come from," Bieber tweeted to over 10 million of his followers. "Me and @kanyewest are good. This right here is just FALSE."

West was an early supporter of Bieber's music, which has taken him from a YouTube sensation to top-selling pop star in just two years. The 33-year-old MC collaborated with the teen heartthrob for the 'Runaway Love' remix last year, which also features Raekwon, and has been spotted in the studio with Bieber in recent months.

Although hip-hop isn't necessarily his lane, the Canadian crooner has been very vocal about his love for the genre, revealing to the BoomBox that for his next album, he would like to work with Jay-Z.

"I would love to work with Jay-Z," he explained. "Just a cool fun record." Bieber may have to get in line for a Jay-Z collaboration since the hip-hop mogul is currently prepping the release of 'Watch the Throne,' a joint album with Kanye West.

For now, Bieber will have to be content with his success null of hip-hop collaborations. The youngster has been virtually unstoppable over the past couple of years, snagging him the No. 2 spot on Forbes Best Paid-Celebrities Under 30 list, earning $53 million last year.

Watch Kanye West's 'Runaway'
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