At this point, it's no secret that Justin Bieber has earned himself a coveted spot in the hip-hop community, despite his pop sensibilities. In addition to mentor, Usher, Bieber can claim friendships with rappers like Diddy, Drake, Ludacris and -- thanks to a recent collaboration with Kanye West -- Wu-Tang's Raekwon. Maybe this explains why the tween sensation was motivated to drop a new freestyle under the rap alias 'Shawty Mane' on Wednesday (Oct. 13)

Bieber posted the freestyle -- over the instrumental to Vado's 'Speaking In Tungs' -- on his Twitter page on Wednesday night, writing to fans, "Speaking in tongues freestyle...who knew i could rap alter ego rap name is Shawty Mane...hah." During the short freestyle, Bieber references Lady Gaga and her song 'Telephone,' before moving on to tout his own rhyming skills, like a true rapper. "So I'm raptor/Tearing it up like a tractor/Matter fact you're not feeling this track, you're a slacker," Bieber rhymes. "Stop, drop and roll/Justin Bieber's on fire/It's time to realize it's time to call me young sire."

Is this Bieber's clever strategy for combating the inevitable voice changes he'll be subjected to, during puberty? Check out the 'Speaking in Tongues' freestyle after the jump.