Justin Bieber wants to save your ears. The teen heartthrob is linking with Monster Beats and Dr. Dre to introduce his own line of headphones, JustBeats. The pint-sized crooner is the latest celebrity endorser of the top of the line earphones available just in time for the holidays via electronics retailer, Best Buy.

"Music is one of our greatest assets, and how we deliver it should be our prized possession," said Bieber in a promotional video for the headphones. "We're about quality and the emotion of music, 'cuz I'm a musician and that's very important to me." According to the Biebz, it's important for his fans, and music lovers in general, to choose the best quality headphones available, instead of spending money on frivolous items like clothing. "Kids spend a lot of money on shoes and clothes and stuff. They spend, I don't know, $200 on an iPod and then they spend like $15 on headphones. It just doesn't make sense. They should hear properly."

The purple and chrome earpieces are available as headphones, which retail for $199.95 and the less expensive earbuds, at $119.95. JustBeats lock in a full spectrum of sound while delivering a "go-anywhere capability," courtesy of the low-profile connector which couples easily with any music player or mobile phone.

With his newest venture Bieber joins the rankings of Ludacris, Diddy, and Jay-Z who also have their own headphones, but if the singer's popularity is any indication as to how well this newest project will do, he is sure to hit another home run. In what has turned out to be a mega year for the Canadian transplant, the 16-year-old has not only taken the music industry by storm, but also dropped his own line of dolls, nail polish, and is prepping the release of his own 3-D documentary 'Never Say Never.'

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