Juicy J looks back to one of loose freebies, 'Ain't No Coming Down,' for a remix featuring T.I. and, even better, a new verse from the Memphis stalwart, too.

With his 'Stay Trippy' album coming soon, Juicy took to his Twitter account to serve up this treat to his fans that retains the as-high-as-humanly-possible vibes of the original. It also features the original's excellent hazy production from Childish Major and C4.

The blunted instrumental is a choice backdrop for Juicy to explain why he's, well, never coming down: He pops a pill, takes a shot, smokes kush in a gasmask, hits a vaporizer, and ends up taking some ecstasy. No wonder, then, that he feels like he's moonwalking -- like, actually walking on the moon. Tip sounds equally drugged-out as he hot-boxes his verse and talks about all the ladies wanting a certain part of his anatomy.

You can stream the remix below. 'Stay Trippy' drops Aug. 27.