Juelz Santana is serious about his comeback, and he's just pulled Migos and Jim Jones for a trap ditty to prove it.

Over the Southside produced track, "D Up" features Quavo on hook duties—which he's proven time and time again he's extremely comfortable handling.

“I can not f--- up the reup, coco, ski up/Yeah, I got high paid shooters (high paid)/I’m tellin’ them niggas to D up (D up)/Drop off, hardball/Grandpa got a sawed-off (grandpa)/Can’t no work be stepped on (nah)/None of my niggas gon’ fall off/Jumpin’ out the trees with the ski’s (with them ski’s yeah)/Pull up on the plug with the fees (with them fees yeah)/Make her pop a perky on her knees (on her knees yeah)/I hook-shot that pot like Kareem,” he raps.

The track finds the rappers switching it up a little, as Takeoff and Juelz, and then Jimmy and Quavo go back-and-forth on the song.

Take a listen above.


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