Two men who stand accused of planning to rob and kill British songstress Joss Stone also planned on decapitating her then dumping her body in a river, prosecutors said today (March 19) at Exeter Crown Court, in the UK.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were arrested in June 2011 near the singer's home in Devon -- in the English countryside -- before they had the chance to carry out the rest of their scheme.

According to Billboard, Prosecutor Simon Morgan told the jury that the pair -- age 32 and 35, respectively -- left their home in Manchester headed for Stone's house armed with a samurai sword, knives, a hammer, black bags and gloves.

Handwritten notes were said to have been found in the suspects' car that made mention of decapitation.

"Jocelyn RIP," one note read, while another said: "Once Jocelyn's dead ... find a river to dump her."

A motive for the murder plot isn't clear just yet. Morgan reportedly suggested that they may have been targeting Stone for her money or wanted to kill her over her connection with the royal family.

Both suspects maintain their innocence.

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