John Legend has earned himself six Grammy Awards thus far in his musical career, but the R&B singer might be forced to cross one off the list after a small mishap this week.

On Wednesday morning, Aug. 4, Legend posted a photo of a broken Grammy to his Twitter account, explaining that his nephew had snapped one of his awards in half. The Grammy in question: the award for 'Best R&B Album of 2005.' "Casualty of the nephews staying with me," Legend wrote. "I hope they send replacement Grammy's!"

His Twitter followers seemed to have a general consensus on his next course of action, as Legend's follow-up tweet read, "Funny how many of ya'll told me to beat his a--. Haha. It was truly an accident. I'm just gonna have to nephew-proof my apt a little better."

Legend picked up his most recent Grammy Award at the 2010 ceremony, for the track 'This Time,' which appeared on his 2008 album 'Evolver.' His fourth studio album, 'Wake Up!' is scheduled for a September 21 release. The video for the album's first single, 'Wake Up Everybody' featuring Common and Melanie Fiona, will debut in the coming weeks.