John Legend has always been incredibly vocal as it pertains to social justice and politics. With the country in turmoil again, this time over gun control legislation following the brutal massacre in Orlando that left 49 people dead, the Grammy-winning singer recently shared his thoughts with TMZ on the hot-button topic.

"We need to do something about gun safety and gun control and the Republicans are scared to do it," Legend says in the clip, as he loads his car while his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, stands near.

In a move reminiscent of the Civil Rights era, House Democrats recently staged a sit-in on the House floor to fight for tougher gun control legislature. The reporter asks Legend what he thinks it will take to get Republicans on board with the program but the singer was pessimistic about change happening any time soon.

"If a bunch of elementary kids getting shot isn't going to make them do it, then they're not gonna do it," he says, referencing the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that left 20 children, ages 6-7, dead by a crazed gunman. "They're scared of the NRA."

Legend goes on to say the only way to effect change is to vote Republicans out of office. Just days earlier, Legend voiced his thoughts on the gun control on Twitter, saying that the "foolishness and heartlessness coming from our Congress re: gun control is not surprising but still so very disappointing."

"You don't get to 'talk tough on terror' if you're too afraid of the NRA to do anything about guns," Legend tweeted. "You're a coward."

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