Chicago natives John Legend and Chance The Rapper teamed up for the track "Penthouse Floor" which was featured on Legend's 2016 album, Darkness and Light, and now the song has a video.

Although Chance doesn't appear in the clip due to scheduling conflicts, Legend brings his political and social advocacy to the forefront in the video, matching the lyrics.

"All this trouble in this here town/All this shit going down/When will they focus, on this?
Streets ride up with the TV crews/Look ma, we on the news/But they didn't notice, before this," Legend sings on the first verse as he mans a snazzy hotel.

Eventually a crowd of social activists burst into the hotel and join John in the presidential suite as a shadowy figure resembling Donald Trump looks on. Legend, who has a long been a vocal advocate on social justice issues, told Complex that he was in full support of Colin Kaepernick, whose jersey shows up in the video.

"We care about justice, we care about the cause of Black Lives Matter, and he has caught a lot of heat for being so bold and putting his career on the line for the cause," he said. We want to show him as much love and support as possible, we will continue to do that, and I will continue to do that."

Watch the video below.

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