Chris Brown is not the only singer who is not a fan of Donald Trump. John Legend voiced his disapproval of the Republican presidential hopeful and got into a brief Twitter skirmish with Trump’s son.

It all started when Legend responded to Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet mocking the protesters who fought with Trump supporters after the GOP front-runner's Chicago rally was canceled.

"Ha 5 students when asked why they were protesting couldn't even answer. The participation medal/micro aggression generation is pretty sad!" Trump Jr. tweeted.

Legend offered some clarity and tweeted back to Trump Jr., "I think they were protesting your racist father. This isn't complicated."

Doh! We have to say that was a smooth zinger from the "All of Me" singer.

"Here we go again. That can't be the answer for everything you don't like," responded Trump Jr. "That's why the country is so divided now!"

Then a Trump supporter jumped into the fray and try to discredit the R&B crooner. "Is John Legend that disgraceful? No education," to which Legend replied, "The Donalds and I graduated from the same University, funny enough."

And with that Legend drops the mic and walks away.

Moral of the story: Don't come for John Legend if he didn't send you.

Check out the Twitter exchange below.

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