R&B crooners from yesteryear, Joe and Chico Debarge appeared on Shade 45's Lip Service radio show last night with Angela Yee, Leah Rose and porn star Stacie Lane, and as usual, drama ensued.

After a lengthy conversation about the size of Chico and Joe's manhood, their sexual proclivities (Joe claimed to be a fan of licking "from the rootie to the tootie" and announced that he likes to "open that bad boy up and go right to town with it."), things took a turn for the awkward, when Joe suddenly became "uncomfortable" with the show's material.

"My image is that Joe was the nice guy, and Chico was the [bad guy]...but after meeting both of you..." Angela Yee began.

"Y'all brought this outta me right now," responded Joe. "Y'all got drinks, y'all cursin' to the third power out this bad boy. Y'all talkin' bout givin' head. You can't talk about givin' head around me! Y'all introducing something to my audience that they never even seen or heard before. I'm a good guy."

After some more raunchy sex-talk from Joe, he inexplicably got up and split. "I'm done," he announced. "Y'all done killed my career on your damn radio show. I'm out son! I'm done!"

While a lot has gone down on Lip Service in the past (Murs & Roxy Reynolds, ahem, no pun), a guest has never before left mid-interview. "I was tryna make him feel better," Chico attempted, as Joe made his exit.

"I'm no good..." Joe continued out the door, "I'll stick to singing. Blogging is not my thing. I don't really do the blogs things. It's all good. Yall have a good time. I'm done, my career's over. Thank you so much for your support over the years..."

Listen to exclusive clips of the interview here and here.

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