Joe Budden has addressed model Esther Baxter's accusations that he abused her during their relationship, causing her to have a miscarriage and lose their unborn daughter.

A week after the New Jersey rapper announced his breakup with Baxter and accused her of infidelity in a new song entitled 'Ordinary Love S--- Pt. 3,' the video vixen revealed her side of the situation, in a candid interview with Bossip.

"I had a miscarriage as a result of some actions he decided to take," Baxter revealed. "We were having an argument about inappropriate behavior on Twitter. Him being inappropriate with other woman on Twitter ... He came into the room and grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me out of the room multiple times. And basically ended up choking me until I couldn't breathe, slamming me up against the door. I told him that if he didn't stop I was going to call the police. So in an attempt to grab my phone from me, he threw me on the floor wrestling with me and ended up just throwing me on my back and grabbing me by my wrist and sitting on my stomach for half an hour while I was screaming that I was pregnant."

Baxter, who is best known for her appearance in Petey Pablo's 2004 video for 'Freek-A-Leek,' filed a restraining order against Budden and released photos of the injuries she allegedly received at his hands.

Budden immediately began to defend himself via Twitter, belittling his female critics, and attempted to discredit the reports of his abuse. "Apparently, all it takes is a few pics of rug burn to start a million women march, lol," he tweeted. "[A]lright, u guys busted me, i'm the devil & was put here on a covert mission ... can't sneak 1 past u guys huh, lol."

Budden further defended himself in a call with Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex Monday (May 9). "If the subject matter were true at all, then I'd be sitting there like anybody else saying 'Geez, this guy's a monster," Budden explained. "It's a bunch of lies. Lies, lies, lies."

Baxter has yet to respond to Budden's statements.

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