Joe Budden remains controversial throughout the hip-hop world. The emotive MC's fans are diehard and tend to defend him in any debate. His detractors are numerous and loud. Budden is pushing ahead, though. He posted a new trailer that previews his upcoming EP with Slaughterhouse and solo album 'The Great Escape,' while also reminding fans about his first limited-edition book entitled 'Enter the Mind of Joe Budden' that dropped last year.

The clip delves into the dual life of a recording and performing artist. Starting with an isolated scene backstage, Budden smokes cigarettes alone in the bathroom, daps a female and walks ominously to the stage where he absolutely tears down the house. After the performance, he returns to his inner world.

Budden's 'The Great Escape,' which is apparently coming this year via E1, is a big moment for the rapper. He has teased potential collaborations with Jadakiss, Eminem and members of Slaughterhouse, while saying production could easily come from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Black Milk, DJ Premier and Kid Cudi-collaborator Emile.

In addition, his super group, Slaughterhouse, will release a self-titled EP as their first effort on Shady Records. The group was recently signed by labelhead Eminem along with up-and-coming MC Yelawolf.