The lead single off Jim Jones' new album 'Capo' is called 'Perfect Day,' but the Harlem rapper's yesterday was anything but perfect.

The Dipset member was released from police custody on Wednesday (March 30) after spending several hours at the 1st Precinct station house in New York City's financial district, where he was issued a desk appearance ticket for allegedly driving with a suspended license.

"I'm just an entertainer trying to make a living," Jones told the New York Daily News upon his release. Although Jones has a long history of run-ins with the police, including a 2009 arrest while driving his Bentley in New Jersey, he stated that he was treated with respect by the 1st Precinct police this time around.

"They showed me total respect," he said. "Every officer in there is a gentleman."

Jones hopped on Twitter immediately after his release, reporting that he was heading from the station straight to a video shoot for his new song 'Everybody Jones,' and then to the airport for a flight to Chicago. "From th pens to th video shoot to th air port chitown here we come," he wrote. "Wht I miss when I was gone lol [sic]."

Jim Jones' fifth album, 'Capo,' is in stores April 5.

Watch Jim Jones' 'Perfect Day'
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