Jim JonesMax B might be serving a 75-year prison sentence for robbery and murder, but this isn't the last you've heard from him. Prior to heading off to do his bid, the Harlem native recorded his debut 'Vigilante Season' for Amalgam Digital, but the album was put on ice under the pretense that Dipset member Jim Jones controlled the rights over the incarcerated emcee's work.

But now, the album may finally see the light of day. A New York City judge ruled that the Capo no longer owns the rights to Max B's catalogue, ruling that he had fulfilled his obligations to both his 2005 recording and 2007 songwriting contract. This means that 'Vigilante Season' may be available to the public in the immediate future, giving Max B the first official retail release of his career.

The Harlemite, who has released nearly two dozen mixtapes since 2006, first stepped onto the rap scene after being released from an eight-year prison sentence in '05. It was then he became an affiliate of The Diplomats, working especially close with Jim Jones. Max B joined Jones' ByrdGang crew in '06 after appearing on several of his releases, soon parting ways because of financial disputes.

Still under contract with Jones, Max remained steady on the mixtape grind before inking a three-album deal with Amalgam in '08, putting the ball in motion for his official debut. But in September 2009, he was sentenced to 75 years in prison after being found guilty of involvement in a robbery that left one man dead, putting him behind bars and the album on the shelf.

Max B is currently serving his first year in the clink, but will get a shot at freedom after being granted an appeal in March with a new trial and legal representation.

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