Brooklyn is well known for both its hip-hop and DIY indie rock scenes, but it's a rare moment when the two convincingly join together to create something truly bizarre. One of those instances took place last Friday during a hipster indie rock and electro-tinged show at a warehouse venue called Death By Audio in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. In the midst of a bill promoted by a body called Less Artists More Condos, Jim Jones made an unannounced appearance to perform 'Salute' to the venue's sold out and sweaty crowd.

The odd cameo took place during a set by an electro band from Philadelphia called Snakes Say Hisss. Jones, who had been in the backstage-less building for a bit, stepped out during the band's set as the musicians went into the regal fanfare of the recent Dipset comeback single. The crowd, truly puzzled and packed tightly, went nuts after the initial confusion subsided.

Of course, Jones' cameo didn't completely come out of nowhere. Less Artists More Condos has done considerable work over the past year promoting shows at Under 100, Damon Dash's secretive TriBeCa basement venue, and it appears that that friendship is what brought the Byrd Gang leader over the East River in the first place. Dash was the other guest of the night -- watching approvingly from the back of the room as Jones did his thing for the kids.

Watch video from Jones' performance after the jump.